Are you planing to visit any country in the world ?

We have one stop services for Visit VISA. We process visit visa for Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, Singapore, any country in Europe, London, USA, Australia and Canada.

Services for Visitors :

  • We arrange Tour Packages for Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey and Singapore.
  • We arrange hotel reservation for any country in Europe, London, USA, Australia and Canada.
  • We assist to fill up necessary forms of required Embassy for Visit Visa for any country in Europe, London, Australia, USA and Canada.
  • We help the visitor to follow up with the latest update and correct information of their desire Embassy.
  • A list of supporting documentation required for your visit visa; we see the checklist under the relevant visa category and gather together required supporting documentation for your application.
  • Follow up on applications with relavent embassy for a quick decision.
  • Visa counseling and interview preparation service (mock Visa interviews). Visa Prime counsels the visitors for their visa interview by giving tips on the interview sessions. We regularly collect latest details about the immigration, visa procedure of various countries. So you can be assured of a prompt and updated service, every time.
  • Assistance for travel arrangement, foreign exchange procurement, accommodation. And air port pick up & Comprehensive pre-departure briefing.

Requirements for Visit VISA :

The Documents mentioned below are mandatory as per the VISA rules

  • Resume / CV
  • Description letter of previous travel history (if any)
  • Holiday letter from company you working with
  • Purpose of visit
  • Trade License for businessman
  • Updated bank statement
  • Passport copy
  • Photos of Specific size as per country requirement
  • For more information please call at 01678170404 or send email to