Why we need foreign education ?

Education, off course quality education is essential for people to lead a nation or to build a better society, and even to assemble a potential future of an individual. And this is what drives a student to get degree from abroad and make a Global Career. The reason you should go for study in abroad are-

  • There are few good universities and colleges in Bangladesh which is insufficient in proportion of huge students and the competition is extreme.
  • Better prospects of education in provisions of quality, effectiveness and value.
  • Highly educated, qualified and student friendly faculty.
  • Multi cultural experience.
  • Excellence education systems & practical based programs.
  • Hassle free, politics free and peaceful campus environment.

Services for Study Abroad :

Visa Prime provide total assistance and guidance about the education system, studying at all levels in students country of choice and plan your total process, right from pre-application to visa, in a professional and result-oriented manner. We offer the following services to the students

  • Free career counseling based on student’s background. And Information on multiple options available.
  • Identification of Universities and Colleges. One of the vital steps that involve your future prospects is selection of a university because university is the place, where the student is going to invest his money, valuable time and energy to gain knowledge. We empower student with all relevant knowledge. Whether it’s about Universities, Academic Programs, Financial Aids, and Process you could trust us to provide nothing but the best. Our Student advisors, managerial staff, research team and the top management are ever at call to help you touch new horizons in life.
  • Registration and application process based on known/experienced entry requirements.
  • Assistance in Filling of Application form. And assistance in Documentation for Admission. An application with missing documents may be delayed or discarded or misinterpreted by the college authorities. We have experienced counselors to assist at every step of the application procedure and documentation. In briefly assisting students to download application form, fill up the form, preparing statement of purpose (SOP), preparing bank statement of sponsor, preparing affidavit of sponsor, assist to pay application fee and SEVIS fees etc.
  • As soon as student gets I-20/Offer Letter/Admission Letter/CAS Letter, we help the student get in touch with the concerned Embassy and guide him in preparing necessary documents for obtaining a visa. In other words, we work very closely with the student giving him every necessary input so that he comes out in flying colors.
  • Assistance in Securing Student Scholarship from the respective universities/colleges.
  • Follow up on applications with institution for a quick decision.
  • Visa counseling and interview preparation service (mock Visa interviews). Unique International counsels the students for their visa interview by giving tips on the interview sessions. We regularly collect latest details about the immigration, visa procedure of various countries. So you can be assured of a prompt and updated service, every time.
  • Assistance for travel arrangement, foreign exchange procurement, accommodation. And air port pick up & Comprehensive pre-departure briefing.

Requirements for Student VISA :

The Documents mentioned below are mandatory as per the VISA rules

  • Resume / CV
  • All academic Certificate and Mark sheet/Transcript
  • At least 2 Recommendation letter from previous Institution
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Experience Letter (If any)
  • IELTS / TOEFL / Pearson (If any)
  • Passport copy
  • Photos of Specific size as per country requirement